Our Vision

Our vision is to be the trusted healthcare provider in west Texas.

Having seen more rural and community hospitals close than any other state, Texas is at the forefront of the rural health crisis facing our nation. Here are a few things we’re looking forward to being able to achieve by bringing our community’s hospital’s together:

Local Governance

This move keeps healthcare decision-making in our community – along with revenue that can be reinvested in jobs right here in San Angelo.


By coming together as one, we’ll, be able to make an even bigger impact addressing the most significant health issues facing our region including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.


Together, we’ll be able to preserve and expand access to care across west Texas – even in the most remote parts of our region

By achieving greater efficiency and scale by coming together, Shannon will be able to improve the patient experience and provides greater access for our family, friends and neighbors – regardless of whether they live 5 miles or 100 miles away.